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With Camping Key Europe, your holiday will be safer, cheaper and more convenient. It will give you easy access to thousands of camping sites across Europe, and comes packed with loads of benefits and discounts.

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Why get the Camping Key Card?

Having the Camping Key card gains you several valuable benefits. Here are three of them.



One of the greatest benefits that comes with the Camping Key card is an extensive insurance. The insurance is completely free of charge and lets you enjoy your holiday without worries.



The Camping Key card comes packed with thousands and discounts, making your vacation budget last longer so you can afford more fun. Get the best ferry rates and loads of other great discounts.

More Convenient

More Convenient

In many European countries the Camping Key card will serve as identification at camping sites allowing for easier and quicker check-in and check-out. No need for registrations slips or passports.

Campsites Around Europe

Thousands of camping sites around Europe are yours with the Camping Key card.